Seminar za analizu, 17. maj 2023.

Naredni sastanak Seminara biće održan onlajn u sredu, 17. maja 2023. sa početkom u 16 časova.

Predavač: Joao Pedro Ramos, ETH Cirih
Apstrakt: The classical Hardy uncertainty principle predicts that, if a function and its Fourier transform both decay like a Gaussian of small variance, then the function has to vanish. This result highlights a kind of duality between concentration in Fourier and physical spaces, and hints at possible connections with quantum mechanics.
A first contribution in that regard was achieved by M. Vemuri, who quantified, in the case of the harmonic oscillator, how Gaussian decay is propagated. He further posed a question of how sharp such a decay can be.
In this talk, we will look closer at such results, their relationships to PDEs, reporting on recent progress on Vemuri's conjecture. This is based on joint works with A. Kulikov, L. Oliveira and D. Radchenko.

Link za pristup predavanju:
Meeting ID: 663 621 5428
Passcode: 7h6KR1

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