Kurs 'Big fiber theorems in topology and symplectic geometry'

Frol Zapoljski, predavač na Univerzitetu Haifa, će održati mini kurs pod naslovom "Big fiber theorems in topology and symplectic geometry'". Predavanja će se održavati utorkom, počevši od 14.marta, od 14:00 do 16:00 časova u učionici 840 na Matematičkom fakultetu.


Kratak opis kursa:

In many areas of mathematics, there are theorems that can be summarized as saying that certain maps have big fibers. In this mini-course, lecturer will consider examples from topology and symplectic geometry. He will also present a kind of unifying approach to these based on Gromov's notion of ideal-valued measures. The first few lectures should be reasonably self-contained and accessible to a broader audience, but as the course progresses, more background knowledge from symplectic geometry will be required.

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