PhD position in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics at ENAC (laboratoire MAIA) and ENSEEIHT-IRIT in Toulouse, France

Topic: Deterministic global optimization applied to Air Traffic Management
The aim of the PhD thesis is the development of deterministic global optimization methods for solving problems arising in Air Traffic Management. The solution quality of many problems arising in the framework of Air Traffic Management is essential to security. Examples are given by aircraft conflict and aircraft allocation with capacity constraints. These problems can be modeled as global optimization problems. Taking into account the large size of these problems, stochastic methods are usually applied for their solution. This thesis will focus on deterministic methods whose exact solutions can be important in an operational context.

Scientific context
The proposed topic is within the context of current research on air traffic management (see, e.g., the European project SESAR), which has concrete applications and plays an important role in the scientific and industrial context of Toulouse. Furthermore, deterministic global optimization is a research topic which is receiving an increasing attention in the Operations Research community and is showing its potential in several application contexts.

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