Семинар за теорију релативности и космолошке моделе, 7. фебруар 2024.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан у среду, 7. фебруара 2024. у сали 301ф Математичког института САНУ, са почетком у 12 часова.

Предавачи: академика проф. др Миодраг Матељевић
We consider two  inertial frames  $S$ and  $S`$ and suppose that frame $S`$ moves, for simplicity, in a single direction: the $x$-direction of frame $S$ with a constant velocity $v$ as measured in frame $S$.
Using  homogenity of space and time we derive modified Lorentz Transformation (LT) between two inertial reference frames without using the second postulate of Einstein, i.e., we  does not assume the invariant speed of light (in vacuum) under LT. Roughly speaking, we suppose:(H) Any clock which is at rest in its frame measures a small increment of time by some factor $s=s(v)$.
For $s=1$ we get the Galilean  transformation  of Newtonian physics, which assumes an absolute space and time. We also consider  relation between  absolute space  and Special Relativity Theory, thereafter STR. As a corollary of  relativity theory experimentally verified assumption is (TD):  (H)  holds with  Lorentz factor  $1/gamma$.
It seems here that  we need physical explanation for (TD). We show that (TD) is equivalent with Postulate.  The  two- way  speed is $c$  in any inertial frame.
Note that Postulate 3  is a weaker assumption than Einstein second postulate. We can derive  the corresponding (LT) and explain twin paradox. PS.  It seems that the main result is: We show that   (TD) is equivalent with Postulate: The  two- way  speed is $c$  in any inertial frame.

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