Одељење за математику, 8. децембар 2023.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан у петак, 8. децембра 2023, у сали 301ф Математичког института САНУ са почетком у 14.15.

Предавач: Frol Zapolsky
Апстрак: Quasi-states are certain, in general nonlinear, functionals on the space of continuous functions of a compact space. The median quasi-state on the sphere is one of the most interesting and fundamental examples, and it lies at the intersection of functional analysis, topology, symplectic geometry, and, surprisingly, computer science. In the talk I`ll describe an algorithm which allows the computation of the median quasi-state to any desired accuracy. A crucial role is played by the Wasserstein distances on probability measures, which also appear in optimal transport theory. The talk is aimed at a wide mathematical audience. Based on joint work together with Adi Dickstein.
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