Семинар из симплектичке топологије, 6. децембар 2022.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан у уторак, 6. децембра 2022, у сали 840 Математичког факултета са почетком у 14.15.

Предавач: Фрол Запољски, Универзитет у Хаифи, Израел


Апстракт: Quasi-states are certain functionals, not necessarily linear, on the space of continuous functions of a compact space. They arose from an attempt to understand von Neumann's axioms of quantum mechanics. More recently this field made contact with symplectic geometry, where the much stricter notion of symplectic quasi-states naturally appeared. It turns out that when the symplectic manifold in question has dimension two, the two notions coincide. I'll survey some results regarding quasi-states on surfaces, including a relation to the Poisson bracket, as well as interesting existence and uniqueness results.

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