Семинар из вештачке интелигенције, 23. новембар 2022.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан онлајн у среду, 23. новембра 2022. са почетком у 19 часова.

Предавач: Luigi Romanо, Prof. at Engineering Department, University of Naples Parthenope, Napoli -Italy


Cybersecurity and AI are strictly connected and influence each other in an ecosystem which develops along three main avenues, namely: 1) AI for cybersecurity – Meaning: AI used to improve cybersecurity; 2) AI against cybersecurity – Meaning: AI used to launch sophisticated attacks; and 3) Cybersecurity for AI – Meaning: cybersecurity used to improve AI. This talk focuses on the third of the three aforementioned research avenues: Cybersecurity for AI. Even the most secure algorithm is vulnerable, if the computing environment where it is executed is not adequately protected. Effective protection mechanisms must be provided throughout the data cycle, i.e. data must be handled securely at all times and in all locations. This results in stringent confidentiality and integrity requirements, not only when data is “in transfer” (e.g. when it is exchanged over a network connection) or “at rest” (e.g. when it is stored on a disk) but also when it is “in use” (e.g. it is loaded in the RAM or in the CPU for executing a computation). While protection of data in transfer and at rest is relatively easy to achieve, protection of data in use is still - to a large extent - an open issue.  The challenge here is that data must be also protected from attacks by privileged users (e.g. system administrators or cloud providers) and software (e.g. the operating system or the hypervisor). The talk will introduce the basic concepts of hardware-assisted security and give an overview of the current State of The Art of CPU support for Trusted Execution Environment technology, as a key enabling technology of  virtually any "Trusted AI" offering.

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