Barcelona Supercomputer Center needs 20 PhD students-researchers for a project in computer architecture

Prof. Mateo Valero from the world leading Barcelona Supercomputer Center BSC, Spain, needs 20 PhD students who will participate in the project of the BSC related to computer architecture. Prof Valero already collaborates with over 20 PHD students from Serbia (one of the very best is from the Faculty of Mathematics, Maja Etinski).
General conditions are:

1. GPA over 9 (out of 10)
2. Master finished in Belgrade before approx October 2010.
3. Interest in research in computer architecture
4. Readiness to spend the next 4 years in Barcelona

Students who satisfy the conditions given below and who are interested in an interview, can contact:

Prof. Dr. Veljko Milutinovic, Fellow of the IEEE
Department of Computer Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering
POB 35-54
11120 Belgrade
sky: veljko.milutinovic (by appointment only)
sms: +381.64.1389281 (cell)

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