PhD Position within the project

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the Austrian research institute with a European format which focuses on the key infrastructure issues of thefuture, is looking to strengthen its team with the immediate appointmentof a PhD Position within the project "Solutions for Health Logistics:Dynamic Stochastic Fleet Management"

Job profile:

* HealthLog aims at improving the operations of health logistics providers by including stochastic aspects into their route planning and vehicle dispatching. It is planned to combine methods from statistical data analysis, stochastic modelling and operations research. The project focuses on dynamic stochastic vehicle routing problems in the context of patient transportation at Samariterbund Vienna.

* We are looking for an outstanding PhD student whose main task will be to develop optimisation algorithms for dynamic and stochastic vehicle routing problems and the stochastic optimisation framework.

* Outstanding master degree in computer science, applied mathematics, operations research or a closely related field.

* Candidate should have strong, proven knowledge in one or more of the following areas: - Metaheuristic algorithms (tabu search, variable neighbourhood search, genetic algorithms, etc...) - Exact methods based on mathematical programming (linear programming, integer programming, stochastic programming) - Optimisation under uncertainty - Transport optimisation problems (Vehicle Routing, Dial-a-Ride, etc ...) - Programming

Place of employment: Wien

If you see this job as a challenge and fulfil the necessary requirements, enter your details in the applicant database at If you have any further questions, please contact

Frau Maria Maurer, MSc Leiterin Personalabteilung 2444 Seibersdorf T: +43 (0) 505 50 - 2032

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