PhD studies in Mathematics at Penn state University, deadline for applications: January 15th, 2012.

Choosing a Ph.D. Program is a very important decision. No program is ideal for everybody, and the Penn State Ph.D. Program in Mathematics is no exception. It may however be an excellent choice for students who are interested in certain areas of Mathematics, can live without hustle and bustle of a major city, and would appreciate our attentive and lively atmosphere. When considering Penn State, we suggest that you take into account the following:

The Department boasts a number of first-rate research groups and centers, some of which, in particular, the Center for Dynamics and Geometry, are among the very best in the world. in 2010 our program was ranked 8th out of over 120 graduate mathematics programs by US National Research Council. The Graduate Program webpage at

has been recently updated and it contains all necessary information. Check  Mathematics Research  for our Centers and research groups, Seminars and Workshops  for our Mathematics activities, and Distinguished Visitors  for our Visitor Program.

The Department is large, with about 60 faculty, and it offers an excellent selection of scientific advisers. A list of recent Ph.D. graduates and their advisers is available at

We strongly encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration. We offer a well-thought selection of graduate courses, including first year basic courses, more specialized sequences in subject areas, and many topic courses in the areas of strength.

Our graduate students receive a lot of attention!

The main source of financial assistance is teaching assistantships that include tuition waiver and a stipend.There are also several special departmental and Graduate School Fellowships.We make extremely competitive individually tailored offers!

All new Teaching Assistants attend a semester-long training program before they begin teaching carefully selected undergraduate courses.

State College is a very nice University town. It is within driving proximity to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Living in State College is inexpensive compared with major metropolitan areas, which together with high stipends provides for a very comfortable life. Most graduate students live within walking distance from campus. The climate is mild, the surrounding nature is gorgeous, and there are endless opportunities for outdoor activities. The campus is large, and there is an excellent selection of student activities and events in State College.

We are looking forward to receiving your application materials. The deadline for submission is January 15.

The Graduate school application must be submitted electronically, however, you may write to me directly with any questions you might have.

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