Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference 2016

The main purpose of the International Conference BelBI 2016 is to illuminate different aspects of bioinformation systems, from theoretical approaches to modeling different phenomena in life sciences, to information technologies necessary for analysis and understanding huge amount of data generated, to application of computer science and informatics in the domain of precision medicine, finding new remedies against debilitating diseases (like cancer and neurodegeneration) and drug development.

The conference is planned to focus on three main research fields including (but not limited to) the following topics:

Theoretical Approaches to BioInformation Systems :

structure and function of DNA, RNA and proteins
gene expression and the genetic code
neurons and cognition
biological networks

Bioinformatics and Data Mining for OMICs Data :

Data mining methods, algorithms, and applications in life sciences and precision medicine
Big data and data science
Data analytics, pattern recognition and machine learning in data analysis
Software and tools in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, etc.
Sequence analysis
Predictive Models for OMICs data
Bioinformatics databases and algorithms

Biomedical Informatics will focus on information applied to or studied in the context of biomedicine:

Translational Bioinformatics
Disease Models & Epidemiology
Predictive Modeling and Analytics in Healthcare
Biomedical Imaging and Data Visualization
Biomedical/Health database integration and management
Biomedical data/text mining

This is the first BelBI conference, intended to be biannual. It grew out of the communities of previous conferences, Data Mining in Bioinformatics (DMBI) held in 2012, and the Theoretical Approaches to Bioinformation Systems (TABIS) conference, held in 2013 in Belgrade, and is organized by the Bioinformatics group from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics, in cooperation with several other institutions from Belgrade (Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Institute for General and Physical Chemistry, Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Institute for Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Institute for Medical Research, Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković” and Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts).

Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference 2016

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Thesis Defense, Аttia Mostafa, 17th Nov 2015

Аttia Mostafa will present his Thesis "Qualitative behavior and exact travelling Nonlinear wave solutions of the kdv Equation" at a public Thesis Defense onTuesday, 17th Nov, 15:30, Rlab, 4th floor.

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Opening of Exhibition ART(O)PHYSICS Monday, 20 July 2015, 18:00

We are happy to invite you to attend the opening of Exhibition "ART(O)PHYSICS" Monday, 20 July 2015, 18:00.

Gallery of Science and Technology SASA (entrance from Djura Jaksic street)
Exhibition period: July 20 - July 31, 2015.

Authors: Christian Obermeier and Saša Topić, students of astrophysics
Music: Pavle Popov, guitarist, bassist and composer from Belgrade, Faculty of Music in Belgrade
Author of the exhibition: Vanja Šarković, a student of astrophysics

Did you ever wonder how Paris would look like in infrared? Or how to turn a droplet of water into a world of vibrant colour? The art exposition under the title “ART(o)Physics” created by students of astrophysics has a unique goal - to bring forth a new, aesthetically pleasing, view of science to the spotlight of the Belgrade artworld. Due to the fact that all of the authors have a scientific background they were able to develop novel photography techniques and approach everyday things in a different manner - reminding us all that beauty can be seen under a different light.

The two main themes of the exhibition at hand are infrared images and macro-photography of light phenomena. This exhibition is a part of International Year of Light. The exhibition has been supported by the Faculty of Mathe-matics, SASA, Bank of Knowledge, Gecko Solutions, Center for Science Promotion and Aigo BS d.o.o.

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy in ambient music composed for the occasion by Pavle Popov and to be photographed by IR camera.
During this exhibition (20 July - 31 July 2015) the Gallery is open for free visits from Monday to Friday from 12 to 20 hours. On Saturdays and Sundays Gallery is closed.

Christian Obermeier is a PhD student studying astrophysics at the Max Planck Institute of Extra-terrestrial Physics in Garching, his research topic regards the discoveries of exoplanets (planets outside the solar system) and while doing his research he traveled to some remarkable locations. These trips inspired him to explore one of this passions - photography, back in 2008. Observations in astronomy are made in different parts of the spectrum, but cameras that record electromagnetic waves other than visible light are always pointed toward the heavens. Christian wondered - what would the world around look like in other parts of the spectrum? After adapting his camera to capture the near-infrared light he began experimenting and successfully developed a completely new technique of hybrid photography. Hybrid photos are created by taking the same image in visual and infrared and using the information on the colors and tones captured with an ordinary camera and shadows, and  contours/depth of field from the infrared photograph.

Sasa Topic is an undergraduate student of astrophysics at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade and he has a deep interest in the construction of observational instruments - such as spectrographs. Apart from the manufacturing of observational instruments used in astronomy he also deals with other  aspects of engineering - and the combination of these interests with curiosity to explore the world of phenomena is what inspires his work. For this exhibition we have selected from his wide range of interests and research in the field of photography works from featuring macroscopy and spectroscopy techniques. One of the reasons why such artworks were chosen is because they all portray well the connection between abstract concepts that are present both in scientific thoughts and in artistic creations. His creativity is also reflected in his the ability to arrange the elements available to him and create optical systems within which the conditions for photography in a desired manner are met.

Pavle Popov is a composer and a guitar and contrabass player from Belgrade. His music career started during his teenage years when he played guitar in a punk/rock band “Sve ili ništa” - where he recorded two albums and had over five hundred performances in Serbia and UK. He finished the “Stankovic” Music School in Belgrade in departments for jazz guitar, contrabass and music theory. Currently, he is in the final year of his studies of theoretical music (FMU, Belgrade) and contrabass (FILUM, Kragujevac). Alongside his regular performances he is devoted to composing music for film and multimedia performances. Among the many concerts and performances, the most prominent were orchestra in C (written for a group of over 20 performers), the composition created as a collaboration with the composer Miroslav Miša Savić; “U susret kraju sveta” - a performance is designed in the form of action painting; “Years” - a collaboration with the artist Ema Ema Ema, performed at the MFRU festival in Maribor; Daydreaming Piano - the festival of contemporary music Lasciar vibrare, ect.

Vanja Šarković is currently an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, studying astronomy and astrophysics. She is researching evolution of galaxies and their models - her interest in this topic sparked during a summer internship in 2014 at the Max Planck Institute of Astronomy in Heidelberg. Alongside her commitment to astrophysics research, she is also devoted to educating the younger - she created and organized three Schools of Astronomy - these schools feature
educational curriculums designed for high-school students and are rich in lectures, workshops and visits to astronomically-relevant sights near Belgrade. These courses are taught mainly by astronomy students. Seeing that such astronomy outreach events only attract individuals that have already recognized science as something close to their hearts, she took it upon herself to organize this exhibition and in doing so endear science to lovers of art and vice versa.

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Thesis Defense, Emhimed Alatrash, 18th June 2015

Emhimed Alatrash will present his Thesis "Using Web Tools for Constructing an Ontology of Different Natural Languages" at a public Thesis Defense on Thursday, 18th June, 16:00, room 718, 4th floor.

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MASSEE, International Congress on Mathematics, MICOM-2015, Sept. 22–26, 2015, Athens, Greece

The Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe (MASSEE) facilitates mutual collaboration among mathematics and informatics researchers from the South-Eastern Europe. The MASSEE aims at

  • Institutionalizing and coordinating the state of the art research in mathematics and informatics;
  • Supporting related scientific research and educational activities in South-Eastern Europe;
  • Promoting and organizing various activities among mathematicians and informaticians in South-Eastern Europe and the rest of Europe.

The MASSEE Congress on Mathematics with International participation follows the tradition of the four successful Congresses organized in Bulgaria in 2003, in Cyprus in 2006, in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 2009 and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012. At this stage educators and researchers who may be interested in attending the Congress with or without a paper should send a message with full address, fax and e-mail to the Organizing Committee. All expressions of interest should be sent by 20th June 2015. The deadline for abstracts is 30th June 2015. Notification of acceptance of abstracts is July 10, 2015. Further announcements and details will be sent to those responding to this call. The names of invited speakers will appear in the next announcement. The Congress will consist of several workshops/symposiums/sessions covering multiple themes. The official language of the conference is English.

Second announcement

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Lecture by professor Vyacheslav Anatolevich Yurko, June 2nd, Faculty of Mathematics

Professor Vyacheslav Jurko from the University of Saratov  will hold a lecture entitled "Inverse problems for differential operators on spatial networks" at the Faculty of Mathematics, on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 13:00 (BIM room, fourth floor).

The lecture is devoted to spectral theory for ordinary differential operators on spatial networks. We pay the main attention to nonlinear inverse spectral problems of recovering coefficients of differential operators (potentials) from the given spectral characteristics. Inverse problems for differential operators arise in various problems of mathematics as well as in applications in natural sciences and engineering. The main results and methods for this class of inverse problems will be presented.

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SYM-OP-IS 2015, September 16-19, 2015

XLII International Symposium on Operations Research will be held in September, 16-19, in Ivanjica, Serbia.

Scope and Objectives:

SYM-OP-IS has been a national symposium with international participation since 1974. Over past years, the number of international participants was growing, and from this year SYM-OP-IS has officially become an international scientific meeting. It presents an annual gathering of operational researchers in order to exchange scientific and technical information achieved in the development and application of Operations research methods.

The Symposium Programme comprises plenary lectures and theme sections which accommodate the exchange of ideas and the review of relevant issues through valuable encounters of the representatives of the academic body and industry, both from Serbia and abroad.

The main aim of the Symposium is the development and applications of new Operations research methods, models and techniques. We believe that this year program will be interesting as much as in previous years, not only for researchers but also for students and businessmen who are interested in implementation of new  solutions based on the methods of operational research in order to improve their business.

First Call for Papers for SYM-OP-IS 2015, September 16-19, 2015

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

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12th International Educational Fair - EDUfair™ 2015

What are you going to study? Faculty of Mathematics at the 12th International Education Fair

Place: Hotel Crowne Plaza (former Continental) Novi Beograd
Date: Friday 6th and Saturday, March 7, 2015.
Time: 10:00 – 18:00

Visit us and find out more about studying at the Faculty of Mathematics at the joint stand of Belgrade University at the International Education Fair.

Photos from previous fairs

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European Student Conference in Mathematics EUROMATH 2015

The Cyprus Mathematical Society and the Thales Foundation, in cooperation with the Le-MATH Project Focus Group, the Hellenic Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Society of the South Eastern Europe and the European Mathematical Society are organizing the European Student Conference in Mathematics - EUROMATH 2015.

The event is growing and at the moment we have more than 300 registered students and teacher and our goal is to increase it to 400+.

Since we will have more than 90 presentations from students and more than 10 workshops for students, we cannot accept more contributions for the program, as it is full, but we will be happy to have conference participants.

Gregory Makrides, Chair, EUROMATH 2015

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5th Mathematical Conference of the Republic of Srpska, 5-6th June, 2015

5th Mathematical Conference of the Republic of Srpska will be held in June in Trebinje.

Plenary lectures on 5th Mathematical Conference of the Republic of Srpska will be held by professor Stevo Todorcevic (University of Toronto, Toronto; Mathematical Institute SASA, Belgrade; The National Center for Scientific Research, Paris).

The lectures theme is “Results and Applications of Ramsey’s Theory".

Professor Todorcevic's books and publications

The deadline for the submission of the application forms is 03 May 2015.

Thereafter, Conference Organizing Committee shall prepare Conference Programme which will be available after 26 May 2015.

More details

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