Worksop on Symplectic Topology, August 22-24 2022

The Workshop on Symplectic Topology will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade from August 22nd to 24th, 2022.

Additional information can be found at


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XLVIII International Symposium on Operational Research, 20-23 Septembar 2021, Banja Koviljača, Serbia

Faculty of Mathematics - University of Belgrade and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, traditionally, in cooperation with other higher education and research institutions, as well as scientific societies, organize XLVIII Symposium on Operational Research - SYM-OP-IS 2021.

This year, the XLVIII SYM-OP-IS takes place in Banja Koviljača from 20 to 23 September 2021.

On behalf of the Programme and Organizing Committee of SYM-OP-IS 2021, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in this year's Symposium on Operational Research. We hope that your contribution will help to continue the tradition and quality of the Conference.

We encourage all contributions within and beyond the scope of specific scientific disciplines and countries, with the aim of furthering international cooperation. In addition, we warmly invite collaborators and students of Prof. Mladenović to contribute to a Special section on VNS method and applications, dedicated to Prof. Nenad Mladenović celebrating his 70th birthday and 45 years of research work.

The deadline for paper or abstract submission is May 31, 2021. Information on paper or abstract acceptance is June 15, 2021.

Information about the Symposium is available at the website

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Second School and Workshop on Univalent Mathematics (University of Birmingham), April 1-5, 2019

Homotopy Type Theory is an emerging field of mathematics that studies a fruitful relationship between homotopy theory and (dependent) type theory. This relation plays a crucial role in Voevodsky's program of Univalent Foundations, a new approach to foundations of mathematics based on ideas from homotopy theory, such as the Univalence Principle. The UniMath library is a large repository of computer-checked mathematics, developed from the univalent viewpoint. It is based on the computer proof assistant Coq.

In this school and workshop, we aim to introduce newcomers to the ideas of Univalent Foundations and mathematics therein, and to formalizing mathematics in a computer proof assistant based on Univalent Foundations.

We will have two tracks:

-  Beginners track
- Advanced track: suitable for participants with some experience in Univalent Foundations and the proof assistant Coq.

For information on how to participate, please visit:

Funding will be given out on a 'first come first served' basis.

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International conference Morse theory and its applications, Kyiv, Ukraine, 25-28 Sept 2019

The international conference "Morse theory and its applications" is dedicated to the memory and 70th anniversary of Volodymyr Sharko (25.09.1949-07.10.2014), the outstanding topologist and Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences, to commemorate his contributions to Morse theory, K-theory, L2-theory, homological algebra, low-dimensional topology and dynamical systems.

The conference will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine, at the Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 25-28 September 2019.

Participants are invited to present their current research and outline future directions in the theory and frontier applications. We invite colleagues working in this cross-disciplinary field to participate in the Conference and to make it a long-lasting memory event.

The official site of the conference

The Conference language is English. Plenary (40 minutes) and section (20 minutes) presentations as well as a poster session are planned.

To participate, please fill the registration form

Deadline for the registration to the conference is August 1, 2019.
Deadline for abstract submission: August, 15, 2019.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Kyiv!
Sergiy Maksymenko
Chair of the Organizing Committee

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13th Annual International Conference on Mathematics: Teaching, Theory & Applications, 1-4 July 2019, Athens, Greece

13th Annual International Conference on Mathematics: Teaching, Theory & Applications will be held from 1-4 July in Athens, Greece. This Annual Meeting is organized by Athens Institute for Education and Research-ATINER.

Deadline to submit abstracts: 4 March 2019
Deadline to submit full papers: 3 June 2019 (Unless otherwise is specified in your acceptance letter).

ATINER does not consider papers for publication if they are not presented by the author at one of its conferences.

More info you can find here.

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Education Verification

Degree Verification


1. Send e-mail requests (verification[at]
2. Send a scanned copy of a diploma
3. Verification will be sent by an e-mail
4. This service is free of charge

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Pre-doctoral summer school in Quantitative Biology, July 8-19, 2019

In recent years, the concepts and tools of mathematics, physics, statistics and engineering have had a fundamental impact in biological research. Bioinformatics and in general the analysis of genomics data are largely based on statistics. Physical forces have finally been recognized as critical for shaping the behavior of cells. The ability of cells to read the environment and react accordingly via the expression of different classes of genes has been rationalized with the use of elegant mathematical models.

This pre-doctoral school will be an opportunity to experience research in an interdisciplinary environment.

We propose to students near the end of their undergraduate studies to familiarize with some of the concepts of quantitative sciences widely used in biological research.

The school is designed especially for students who are considering pursuing a PhD in research areas at the interface between biology and quantitative sciences. Students interested in exploring such opportunities in PhD programs at IFOM are especially encouraged to apply.

Up to twenty students will be selected. Attendance and lodging will be fully covered.

For more information you can write to

Pre-doctoral summer school in Quantitative Biology at IFOM, Milan - Italy (July 8-19, 2019)

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2019

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The quantum Steenrod square and related operations, 18.12.2018.

Nicholas Wilkins, University of Oxford will give a lecture "The quantum Steenrod square and related operations" in the frame of Symplectic topology Seminar on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018 from 16:00 to 18:00 in room 821.

Abstract: The Steenrod square is a ring homomorphism from the cohomology of a topological space to the Z/2-equivariant cohomology of this space (with the trivial Z/2-action). Given a closed monotone symplectic manifold, we will define a deformed notion of the Steenrod square for quantum cohomology, which will not in general be a ring homomorphism, and talk about some properties and calculations. We will then frame these in the broader setting of Seidel’s equivariant pair-of-pants product.

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15th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty, Sept 2019, Belgrade

The biennial ECSQARU conferences constitute a major forum for advances in the theory and practice of reasoning under uncertainty, with a focus on bringing symbolic and quantitative aspects together.

Contributions come from researchers interested in advancing the scientific knowledge and from practitioners using uncertainty techniques in real-world applications. The scope of the ECSQARU conferences encompasses fundamental issues, representation, inference, learning, and decision making in qualitative and numeric uncertainty paradigms.

For ECSQARU 2019 we invite submissions of original papers on topics which include but are not limited to:

- Algorithms for uncertain inference
- Applications of uncertain systems
- Argumentation systems
- Automated planning and acting under uncertainty
- Belief functions
- Belief change & merging
- Classification & clustering
- Decision theory & decision graphs
- Default reasoning
- Description logics with uncertainty
- Foundations of reasoning under uncertainty
- Fuzzy sets & fuzzy logic
- Game theory
- Hybrid reasoning
- Imprecise probabilities
- Inconsistency handling
- Information fusion - Learning for uncertainty formalisms
- Learning for uncertainty formalisms
- Logics for reasoning under uncertainty
- Markov decision processes
- Possibility theory & possibilistic logic
- Preferences
- Probabilistic graphical models
- Probabilistic logics
- Qualitative uncertainty models
- Rough sets
- Uncertainty & data

Important dates:

May 3, 2019:        Abstract submission deadline
May 10, 2019:       Paper submission deadline
June 11, 2019:      Author notification
Sept 18-20, 2019:   ECSQARU 2019

More info

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Department of Astronomy Seminar, Nov 27th 2018

The next meeting of the Seminar will be held on Tuesday 27th Nov 2018, 18.00, room 809.

Lecturer:  Oleg Egorov (SAI MSU & SAO RAS, Russia)

Lecture: "Feedback-driven superbubbles and triggering of star formation in
nearby dwarf galaxies"

Abstract: Stellar feedback is important process regulating ISM morphology and kinematics: cumulative action of winds and ionizing radiation from massive stars with a following supernova explosions blow out superbubbles having sizes from a few pc to several kpc. This process is especially important in  dwarf irregular galaxies, which thick gaseous disk and lack of the density waves allow such structures to live longer and grow to a larger sizes than in spiral galaxies. The interaction of the giant HI supershells might trigger a new burst of star formation in a galaxy, while the influence of ongoing star  formation in their rims might lead to dissolution of the HI structures. In our ongoing survey with the Russian 6-m telescope we study the gas morphology, kinematics and young stellar population in star forming regions of nearby dwarf irregular galaxies.

In my talk I will briefly review some results. Several tens of the ionized superbubbles were identified and analyzed (including old supernovae remnants); certain signs of propagating of star formation were  found. We argue that at least in several galaxies the collision of the giant kpc-sized supershells plays important role in the triggering of a new burst of star formation.

Seminar of Department of Astronomy is held every second Tuesday during the semester (occasionally more frequently) in classroom 809 starting at 6 PM. Seminar coordinator is Dragana Ilić (initiator and coordinator until 2016 was Dejan Urošević).


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