Second School and Workshop on Univalent Mathematics (University of Birmingham), April 1-5, 2019

Homotopy Type Theory is an emerging field of mathematics that studies a fruitful relationship between homotopy theory and (dependent) type theory. This relation plays a crucial role in Voevodsky`s program of Univalent Foundations, a new approach to foundations of mathematics based on ideas from homotopy theory, such as the Univalence Principle. The UniMath library is a large repository of computer-checked mathematics, developed from the univalent viewpoint. It is based on the computer proof assistant Coq.

In this school and workshop, we aim to introduce newcomers to the ideas of Univalent Foundations and mathematics therein, and to formalizing mathematics in a computer proof assistant based on Univalent Foundations.

We will have two tracks:

-  Beginners track
- Advanced track: suitable for participants with some experience in Univalent Foundations and the proof assistant Coq.

For information on how to participate, please visit:

Funding will be given out on a `first come first served` basis.

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