For Future Students

For foreign students: How to enroll?

In order to continue education at Faculty of Mathematics, University of
Belgrade, a candidate has to go through the following steps:

1. The diploma and all documents related to previous education have to be validated and recognized by University of Belgrade.

For all the information regarding this step, please contact Department for Studies and Scientific Activities, University of Belgrade

Contact person: Mr Vladimir Mikic
E-mail: vladimir.mikic[at] ,
Office: Studentski trg 1, room 21.

Information on recognition of the documents related to previous education read at:

Legal rules and regulations for recognition of documents referring to previous education can be found at:

For more details regarding types and levels of studies at University of Belgrade go to:

2. After the procedure of recognition of documents is completed, a candidate gets a positive, negative or conditional decision from the University of Belgrade.

Only in the case of positive decision, a candidate may apply to Faculty of Mathematics and submit documentation.

In the case of conditional decision, a candidate must satisfy some additional conditions in order to be enrolled. After a candidate satisfies these conditions, the University will allow the candidate to enroll at the Faculty.

When submitting a documentation to Faculty of Mathematics, a candidate must provide the following:

a) Diploma and all other documentation related to the previous education

b) Health insurance policy

c) Certificate on regulated permission of temporary residence in Serbia * Certificate that a candidate has finished a course of Serbian language(note that certificates of only three authorized institutions will be accepted: Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Institute for Foreign Languages and NU Bozidar Azdija).

The official call of for enrollment at all three level of studies for academic year 2010/2011. can be found at

For more information about the enrollment at Faculty of Mathematics, please contact our  Department for Legal Affairs

Contact: Mrs Olivera Kiproska
E-mail: olja[at]
Telephone: + 381 11 202 78 09

The tuition fee for master and doctoral studies for foreign students is 3000 euros per year.

For more details on academic programs and courses you can adress to:

dr Vesna Jevremovic,
Vice-dean for Academic Affairs,
E-mail: prodekan_za_nastavu[at]
Telephone: + 381 11 202 78 02


dr Zorica Stanimirovic,
Vice-dean for Science and Research,
E-mail: zoricast[at]
Telephone: + 381 11 202 78 02


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