Seminar for Applied Mathematics

Seminar for Applied Mathematics started working in 1975. Since then regular meetings are being held in the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. At the beginning of the Seminar one of the main goals of the organizers was to promote the linking of mathematics and other sciences by establishing, encouraging and promoting cooperation between researchers and scientists from various fields in order to solve current practical problems. It was also the linking of researchers from academic institutions with those who work in the economy.

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Mathematics and Applications Seminar

Mathematics and Applications Seminar was established in order to popularize mathematics. The seminar discusses the connection of mathematics with other areas (Physics, chemistry, economics, engineering sciences), methods and applications Of mathematics. In addition to multi-disciplinary problems, the seminar presents the works in theoretical mathematics.

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Seminar CGTA

C - combinations
G - Geometry
T - Topology
A - Algebra

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Seminar for topology

General Topology studies the continuous mappings of topological spaces. One of the main tasks of general topology is the identification and examination of topological invariants - properties of space that is kept in homeomorphisms. This seminar in general topology began to work in 1972 under the leadership of prof. Dusan Adnadevic, and after his retirement seminar is managed by prof. Mila Mrševic.

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Seminar of the Department of Computing and Informatics

Seminar of the Department of Computing and Information Technology comes from the Seminar on Computing and Information Technology, founded back in 1977. Since the establishment of the Department, 1987. the seminar works, with occasional brief interruptions, under its present name. The seminar was founded and first directed by prof. Nedeljko Parezanovic.

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Argo seminar

Argo seminar is an Argo group seminar. It is mainly devoted, but not limited to, automated reasoning and applications, theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence and data-mining. The seminar is mainly devoted to post-graduate students. In general, the first part of the seminar is tutorial and the second presents the research problems.

Meetings are held once in two weeks, usually on Wednesdays at 5 pm at the Faculty of Mathematics in Jagiceva street.

Secretary of the seminar: Vesna Pavlovic More information on the site of the seminar:

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Seminar on geometry, education and visualization with applications

This seminar is held within the Project Geometry, education and visualization with applications MNTR (Project 1646 from 2002-2005, a project of 144 032 2006.) Since 2002. year. Venue: Faculty of Mathematics, Studentski trg16, 4th Floor, Room 843 Time of event: Thursday from 17:00 Manager of the Seminar: Srdjan Vukmirovic To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the mailing list or if you want to give a lecture at the seminar please send an e-mail to:

For more information visit the site of the seminar:

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From the analysis of the algebras (through Geometry and Topology) Seminar Project ON144020

Project ON144020, during the 2006/2007 is organized by a seminar. It is being held on Tuesday from 16:15 to 18 pm, Room 704, Faculty of Mathematics, Studentski trg 16-18

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Seminar in astronomy and astrophysics

Department of Astronomy since 2000. in every other Tuesday, starting at 18 hours, classroom 809, is organizing a seminar titled "Seminar in astronomy and astrophysics."

Coordinator: Dejan Urosevic

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Seminar in Bioinformatics

The aim of the seminar in bioinformatics is that, by bringing together all interested in bioinformatics and related issues, contribute to the improvement of this interesting and important multidisciplinary scientific feild. Participants of this seminar will seek to find common thematic interests that will be implemented through research projects.

Meetings of the seminar with lectures are held on Mondays from 18.00 am in the Hall of the Faculty of Mathematics BIM (Studentski trg 16, Belgrade).

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