Department of Astronomy Seminar, Nov 27th 2018

The next meeting of the Seminar will be held on Tuesday 27th Nov 2018, 18.00, room 809.

Lecturer:  Oleg Egorov (SAI MSU & SAO RAS, Russia)

Lecture: "Feedback-driven superbubbles and triggering of star formation in
nearby dwarf galaxies"

Abstract: Stellar feedback is important process regulating ISM morphology and kinematics: cumulative action of winds and ionizing radiation from massive stars with a following supernova explosions blow out superbubbles having sizes from a few pc to several kpc. This process is especially important in  dwarf irregular galaxies, which thick gaseous disk and lack of the density waves allow such structures to live longer and grow to a larger sizes than in spiral galaxies. The interaction of the giant HI supershells might trigger a new burst of star formation in a galaxy, while the influence of ongoing star  formation in their rims might lead to dissolution of the HI structures. In our ongoing survey with the Russian 6-m telescope we study the gas morphology, kinematics and young stellar population in star forming regions of nearby dwarf irregular galaxies.

In my talk I will briefly review some results. Several tens of the ionized superbubbles were identified and analyzed (including old supernovae remnants); certain signs of propagating of star formation were  found. We argue that at least in several galaxies the collision of the giant kpc-sized supershells plays important role in the triggering of a new burst of star formation.

Seminar of Department of Astronomy is held every second Tuesday during the semester (occasionally more frequently) in classroom 809 starting at 6 PM. Seminar coordinator is Dragana Ilić (initiator and coordinator until 2016 was Dejan Urošević).


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