Предавање Дитмара Саламона

У петак, 24. августа 2018, у 11:45 проф. Дитмар Саламон (ЕТХ Цирих) одржаће у сали 706 на Математичком факултету предавање општег типа, намењено ширем кругу математичара.

Uniqueness problems in symplectic topology

A fundamental question in symplectic topology is when the space of symplectic forms in a given cohomology class is connected. Little is known about this problem in dimensions greater than two. A longstanding conjecture asserts that the answer to the question is positive for the four-torus. In this lecture I will discuss some known results related to this question and explain Donaldson's geometric flow approach to the uniqueness problem for hyperkaehler four manifolds. The Donaldson approach is based on an infinite dimensional hyperkaehler moment map.

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