MASSEE, International Congress on Mathematics, MICOM-2015, Sept. 22–26, 2015, Athens, Greece

The Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe (MASSEE) facilitates mutual collaboration among mathematics and informatics researchers from the South-Eastern Europe. The MASSEE aims at

  • Institutionalizing and coordinating the state of the art research in mathematics and informatics;
  • Supporting related scientific research and educational activities in South-Eastern Europe;
  • Promoting and organizing various activities among mathematicians and informaticians in South-Eastern Europe and the rest of Europe.

The MASSEE Congress on Mathematics with International participation follows the tradition of the four successful Congresses organized in Bulgaria in 2003, in Cyprus in 2006, in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 2009 and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012. At this stage educators and researchers who may be interested in attending the Congress with or without a paper should send a message with full address, fax and e-mail to the Organizing Committee. All expressions of interest should be sent by 20th June 2015. The deadline for abstracts is 30th June 2015. Notification of acceptance of abstracts is July 10, 2015. Further announcements and details will be sent to those responding to this call. The names of invited speakers will appear in the next announcement. The Congress will consist of several workshops/symposiums/sessions covering multiple themes. The official language of the conference is English.

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