Seminar za primenjenu matematiku, 24. jun 2009.

Ferhan Kiziltepe, Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Art and Designand, Istanbul: AN OVERVIEW OF THE FOOTPRINTS OF MATH IN THE ARTISTIC AREA

 Seminar će se održati u sredu, 24.6.2009. u 14 časova, sala 305 MI SANU:


Scientists and artists, all we are trying to work on our puzzling questions in the similar unknown waters. We are using similar keys which are being called in different for each discipline. "Mathematic is the language of the universe", maybe this statement is the beginning of the common adventure of the creative minds.
I think Leonardo da Vinci did not waste his time working on human anatomy for days. I also assume that, Calder's sculptures in forms of little red objects hanging are independent systems which can be defined by Calder himself. I strongly believe every single score in Stockhausen Sirius Symphony is organized according to a certain mathematical order. The visualization of Lorenzo Theory always reminds me of Escher graphics.
I mention Boccioni and Gabo in different contexts since the concept of speed are defined in different ways by futurists and constructivists; or Duchamp's famous "Nude Descending a Staircase" (1912) having kinetic and moment in 2D. That's why I think Euclid and Riemann show us the different faces of the world.
In the literature, theatre, cinema, etc; indeed, either in science or in art, what the creative thinkers produce to express the reflection of their world perception are unique. That is, to find new approaches which will push science and art another step forward, the scientists and the artists should have some interest in each other's disciplines.

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  • 19. Decembar,  2009

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