Seminar za računarstvo i primenjenu matematiku, 6. jun 2023.

Naredni sastanak Seminara biće održan u utorak, 6. juna 2023, u sali 301f Matematičkog instituta SANU sa početkom u 14.15.
Predavač: Prof. Neven Vrček, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Croatia
Apstrakt: Rapid technological development and convergence of technologies brought up a concept of smartness as a paradigm for modern society. We are talking about smart products, smart buildings, smart cities, smart ecosystems, etc. In order to fulfill expectations these concepts must be researched from many perspectives which overarch disciplines and reduce friction for widespread adoption of smart paradigm. Besides the obvious technological domain, we have to include legal aspects, user behavior, business models, etc. One approach to research these heterogeneous, and yet convergent domains, is to set up frameworks which can be used in various contexts and analyze them from different perspectives. This presentation introduces the SWARM of drones as a platform used to analyze various aspects that can adapt to the different domain requirements, most often within a smart urban environment. The platform developed within a project UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE CONTROL AND SURVEILLANCE FRAMEWORK is a testbed for the use and control of SWARM of drones. The platform combines technology-related research activities such as artificial intelligence for SWARM control, RF signal propagation and location determination within various use cases such as smart logistics, pollution identification, air quality monitoring etc. All these are accompanied with research about possible business models, legal requirements, privacy assessment, risk analysis and cost benefit analysis. The platform has interoperable modules that can be easily changed and adapted to various use cases. Our experience shows that such frameworks can gather scientists from various disciplines and bring up innovative solutions which have scientific and applied value.
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