Zajednički sastanak Odeljenja za matematiku i Odeljenja za mehaniku, 31. avgust 2010.


Matematički institut SANU organizuje zajednički sastanak Odeljenja za  matematiku i Odeljenja za mehaniku, u utorak, 31.8. u 18h u sali 2 SANU.

Predavač: prof. Oskar Mencer, Imperial College London

Naziv predavanja: Vertical Acceleration: From Algorithms to Logic Gates

Abstract. Huge growth in the complexity of science over the past decade has driven the need for ever more computationally demanding mathematical models. This has in turn led to massive growth in data center compute capacity, and consequently power and cooling requirements. We report the real-world results from Maxeler Technologies to improve the price-performance and just raw speed for financial and seismic computations by using custom computing machines. The key to our acceleration approach is the vertical acceleration of key pieces of the algorithms, including the bit level, arithmetic level, architecture level, and algorithm level.

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