Sastanak Odeljenja za matematiku, 19. februar 2010.

U petak, 19.02.2010. u  14 časova, u sali 2 SANU predavanje će održati
Pavle Blagojević sa Matematičkog instituta SANU:


Abstract: In this talk we want to present recently proved Tverberg type multiple intersection theorem. It strengthens the prime case of the original Tverberg theorem from 1966, as well as the topological Tverberg theorem of Barany et al. (1980), by adding color constraints. It also provides an improved bound for the (topological) colored Tverberg problem of Barany & Larman (1992) that is tight in the prime case and asymptotically optimal in the general case.

Optimal colorful Tverberg's theorem represents a unique and surprising step outside the realm of know methods and results.

This is a joint work with Gunter M. Ziegler and Benjamin Matschke.}

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  • 29. Mart,  2010


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