Predavanje prof. Vladimira Markovića, ponedeljak 28. oktobar

Prof. Vladimir Marković održaće predavanje "Virtual classification of hyperbolic 3-manifolds" u ponedeljak 28. oktobra 2013. sa početkom u 14 sati u sali za sednice Hemijskog fakulteta na I spratu.

The first part of the talk will be aimed at the general mathematical audince (including undergraduate students). We will describe the aims of Low  Dimensional Geometry and Topology through pictures and movies. The second part of the talk will be focused on the recent work that resulted in the virtual classification of 3-manifolds.
During the past few years, J. Kahn and I developed a theory (based among other things on deep statistical properties of geometric flows) that led to the solution of the Ehrenpreis conjecture and (in some sense more importantly) the proof of the Surface Subgroup Theorem in 3-manifold topology. In particular, this theorem implies that every hyperbolic 3-manifold is cubulated. It then follows from the Agol-Wise theory of cube complexes that every hyperbolic 3-manifold is virtually Haken and virtually fibered. I will also discuss my latest result that aims to classify word hyperbolic groups whose boundary is the 2-spehere (the Cannon Conjecture), the main motivation being that this gives a fundamentally new approach toward proving the Perelman Hyperbolization Theorem for 3-manifolds of negative curvature.

Pozivamo sve zainteresovane da prisustvuju predavanju!

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