Seminar za primenjenu matematiku, 20.oktobar 2009.

Seminar će se održati u utorak, 20.10.2009. u 14:15, u sali 305 MI SANU

Božidar Radenković, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade:"INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND RELIGION"

Abstract: The subject of this presentation is analysis of the historical development of information and communication technologies as well as their connection with religion. The paper gives an overview of methods of communication between people, communication with macrocosm in which the human history goes on and communication with inner microcosm of each human being. The historical analysis aims to discovering laws and analogies that are important for creating, developing and the future of human communication regarding myths and religious sources. Internet today is the dominant media for communication in human society, and therefore represents central issue in historical analysis. Many religious, historical and scientific resources have been used while working on this paper. For the vision of future the prophets. sources have been used. The focus in this paper is also on achievements of Serbs for developing modern communication.

Заиста штета што семинар не почиње после 16:00 часова. Заинтересовани који раде неће моћи да присуствују.

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